Welcome to AQUA! We are a professionally operated swim community devoted to equipping our members with the BEST of swimming! Our highly decorated staff has experience up to the Olympic level and we are devoted to maximizing your athletic potential and achieving your personal goals. Whether you are just a beginner in the pool or have expert ability as a swimmer, we have the right program for you

AQUA Swim School

led by an Olympian

infant swim lessons aqua michigan

Less is More

AQUA Swim Schools have the lowest swimmer-to-coach ratios in the country!

At AQUA, our mission is to not only raise the standards of swim lessons, but also to have FUN in the process! We are dedicated to find the RIGHT program for each swimmer.

  • Year-Round lessons
  • Class sizes starting at 1:3 ratio – Smallest ratios in the country!
    • Level 1-3 at 1:3 ratio
    • Level 4-8 at 1:4 ratio
    • Parent & Tot at 1:8
  • Progression-based curriculum – 8 levels (Beginner to Advanced)
  • Indoor heated pools
  • Trained and AWESOME Coaches

Who can swim with AQUA? We welcome both parents and swimmers desiring to learn the life skill of SWIMMING.We start as young as 2 months old! All ages and levels!

AQUA Curriculum? YES, we don’t “just” teach your swimmer based on the weather, we have a PLAN! our curriculum has 8 progression based levels. Each swimmer is evaluated at every lesson and will progress on their own time! 

AQUA’s Staff? The AQUA FAMILY We are proud to have staff that are experienced at all levels up to the Olympic level! We take this seriously and built a swim school by swimmers FOR swimmers! We are committed to providing the BEST swimming guidance to all of our members.

Annual Registration Fee($35)

A $35.00 annually per swimmer, non-refundable registration fee
is due at registration. This fee will cover all administrative
changes required to a family’s account for 12 months.

You will also get a welcome packet from our program that
will include a swim cap and goggles ($25 value by itself!)

Group Lessons ( Start at 1:3 RATIO)

Level 1-3, 1:3 Ratio, 1 Lesson Per Week =>  $87/Month 

Level 4-8 1:4 Ratio, 1 Lesson Per Week =>  $87/Month 

2 Lessons Per Week => $165/ Month 

Learn to Swim (starting at 2 months old!!)

Duration: 30 minutes

Group Lessons – Stable Swimmer Packages 

3 Months Commitment = $84/Month => Total amount due at once $252

6 Months Commitment = $80/Month => Total amount due at once $480

12 Month Commitment = $75/Month => Total amount due at once $900

Sibling Discount Available – 10% for each swimmer after 1st swimmer

AQUA Class Sizes (Coach to Swimmer Ratio’s)

Parent-Tot ——- 1:8 Ratio

Level 1-3 ——— 1:3 Ratio (Smallest in the Country!)

Level 4-7 ——— 1:4 Ratio

1 day per week

2 days per week

$84 per month

$159.6 per month

Private Lessons (RATIO 1:1)

(available for all ages)
Give your swimmer the benefit of a personal and custom
designed swim session.

1 day per week

$185 per month

Swimming lessons build confidence and create lasting relationships!

5 facilities in Michigan with indoor pools

Jacksonville, Florida

A state-of-the-art facility! A year-round programs that utilize a pool with water temperatures at a comfortable 91 – 92 degrees.

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